Friday, January 30, 2009

When can you tell you're not at home anymore...

Coming back to San Juan de Oriente felt very much like coming home. I recognized people and they recognized me, I knew what the day would feel like and I was prepared for the exhaustion, I understood that the lack of language would be humbling and frustrating... I knew that some days water would be a challenge, that sticking my toothbrush under the faucet was not a good idea, that electricity could go out... walking on dusty roads and dodging animal dung didn't feel odd, hearing the roosters had a certain charm... and then I encountered these oxen pulling this cart. They were rounding a corner. I'm so excited, a charming picture, and then much to my surprise a HERD of oxen rounded the corner and I had to hop up on the stoop in front of the building I was standing next too. And then I realized there was a guy on a motor cycle herding the oxen. He waves!! Ok, so maybe I'm not such an old hand at this after all!


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